First Cannabis Act Conviction for Possession Over 30 Grams With Intent to Distribute Results in 10 Month Jail Sentence

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In what is the first conviction and sentence passed in Canada for violating the possession and distribution provisions of the Federal Cannabis Act, a Winnipeg man has been sentenced to 10 months in jail for possessing 85 grams of cannabis for the purpose of distribution.

Rodney Clayton Felix pleaded guilty earlier today to possession of cannabis for the purpose of distributing.  Mr. Felix was found with 85 grams of cannabis while in the Portage Place mall in November 2018.  Police also found, among other things, a scale and cannabis packaging materials.

By being in possession of 85 grams in public Mr. Felix was in breach of section 8(1) of the Act which prohibits individuals from possessing more than 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivilent in public and also section 9(2) of the Act which probhits the possession of cannabis for the purpose of distributing it contrary to the Act.

Mr. Felix faced up to 14 years in prison under the Act.  The Crown Attorney sought a sentence of 15 months in jail while Mr. Felix’s lawyer argued that a simple fine was appropriate.

Provincial Court Judge Dale C. Schille recognized that there was no precedent to follow as this was essentially the first case of its kind following the enactment of the Cannabis Act on October 17, 2018.  Justice Schille considered the notion of a fine as opposed to a custodial sentence to be “wholly inappropriate”.

While judges in other provinces are not bound to follow this decision, it will nevertheless serve as guidance for future cases across the country in determining sentences for those found to have breached the possession, and more notably the distribution, provisions of the Act



  1. Liberal Party recriminalization of cannabis enacted to protect their insider Licensed Producer monopoly. This is all about money not justice.

  2. Recriminalization of cannabis enacted by the Liberal Party to protect their insider Licensed Producer monopoly owned by such folks as former Liberal Party CFO Chuck Rifici having everything to do with money and nothing to do with justice.

  3. All this slamming 36.7 million Canadians’ otherwise Internationally-cherished Canadian Charter protections right up the YING-YANG, all in order to INCUBATE the CDSA’s well-KNOWN-WRONGFUL scheduling of Cannabis since 1923 and forge ahead with some RACKETEERING monopoly, upholding this CRIMINAL prohibition to place ALL Canadians IN HARM’S WAY with intent.

    Cannabis is & always has been – let alone always WILL BE every individual’s PRIMARY HEALTH OPTION.

    Enough of this indiscriminate synthetic genocide invoked by corporate-lobbied political corruption at every turn.

    The Feds should be taking heed to PAYING BACK ALL Canadian Cannabis prohibition VICTIMS since 1923… as in ALL VICTIMS.. affected by BOTH LEGAL ASPECTS as well MEDICAL ASPECTS for pain, suffering, even death, let alone social, personal, monetary & professional losses incurred throughout this past Crime of the Century of prohibiting all our equally-shared free choice in a plant.

    Sadistic intent is more applicable. Enough is enough of this sad & wholly unacceptable status quo of a bygone era of slaughter-for-profit & BLOOD-DIAMOND-style profiteering.

    Specially at an artificially-inflated 1000% historical black market street price-base of which these Federal/corporate crooks manifested themselves nearly 8 generations ago.

    Also, declaring Cannabis as a unique essential dietary preventative super food that MUST BE categorized as a NON-PARTISAN ENTITY is also a prudently necessary step henceforth, so no other Federal gang considers messing with this file ever again. Its a plant – let it go. Not your’s ~ not mine ~ OUR’S EQUALLY.. get over it fast.

  4. The court system are a bunch of morons now if it was a meth dealer he would get a month probation ad told not to do it again

  5. Why is it , that you can buy as much alcohol as you want but can’t have over 30 grams of cannabis. I can see going to jail for selling cannabis as there are legal , but few cannabis dispensaries for you to use.

  6. All they have done is raise the price. These dispensaries are way ober priced and pushpeople back to tge black market… Support your local dealers screw the govenment. I have a script of 90gr i can carry it all any where any time.

  7. That’s completely insane! This has to go to appeal. How can you put someone in jail for that? Even if you have a hefty criminal record a little bit of weed equals a little fine that’s all…

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