Matt Maurer speaks to Daily Hive about promotion of cannabis and whether it violates regulations

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The government agency in charge of public health did something very Canadian last week — they sent a letter. Addressed to the country’s licenced cannabis producers, Health Canada distributed a notice detailing their issues with the methods used to keep underage people off the sites and away from their promotions.

“There are some, where say you’re 19+, you hit yes and you’re in. There are others where you have to type in your birthday. To me, those are no different,” said Matt Maurer, vice-chair of the cannabis law group, Torkin Manes. “One is just a little more of a pain the neck than the other, but someone who’s under 19 can hit yes or put in a fake birthday and go ahead.” He believes if the government is not satisfied with the current state of cannabis’ access to minors online it would require a “significant overhaul of age-gating.”

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