Matt Maurer speaks to Marijuana Business Daily about Canada’s cannabis shortage

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Canada’s federal government says the country has more than enough legal cannabis to meet demand even as some provinces complain about shortages.

“The data is clear: There remains sufficient supply to meet and exceed existing demand,” Bill Blair, Canada’s minister in charge of marijuana, said Wednesday via Twitter after receiving queries from Marijuana Business Daily.

Blair suggested shortage-hit provinces still have wrinkles to iron out of their wholesale and retail systems.

Some provinces “still have much work to do (to) establish their wholesale and retail distribution systems and better protect Canadians,” Blair added.

Since Canada legalized adult-use cannabis Oct. 17, several provinces have curtailed retailers’ hours or paused licensing stores altogether, citing a shortage of legal marijuana.

The problem is relatively complex and there are a number of factors that contribute to apparent shortages, said Matt Maurer of Toronto-based Torkin Manes cannabis law group.

“I don’t think it is fair to put the blame solely on the federal government,” he said, suggesting there could be issues getting the product from cannabis facilities onto shelves.

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