Matt Maurer speaks to Cannabis Culture Magazine on the issue of Canadian cannabusiness executives being delayed while crossing the U.S. border

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Matt Maurer, vice-chair of our Cannabis Law Group, spoke to Cannabis Culture Magazine on the issues that can arise when Canadian executives working in the cannabis industry attempt to cross the border into the U.S.  Recently, hundreds of Canadians in the cannabis industry headed south for MJBizCon, a massive cannabis conference in Las Vegas. Matt Maurer was one of the attendees and heard first-hand accounts from executives that were intentionally held up at the Canadian border.

“A cannabis executive who flew out of Vancouver was taken into secondary [screening]  once they found out that person was going to the conference,” said Maurer in an interview with Cannabis Culture. “From what that person tells me, there were lots of questions about if they were doing business in the United States [or]  if they were looking to partner with people in the United States.”

Matt went on to add that once it became clear this executive was simply headed to MJ BizCon for research purposes they allowed him to go through to the conference about two hours later. “The conference was the flag that put them in the secondary, but the conference in and of itself, at least in that instance, wasn’t enough to tell that person they were not coming in.

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