British Columbia Releases Requirements for Workers of Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Stores

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Earlier today the province of British Columbia released its requirements for individuals who wish to work in non-medical cannabis retail stores.


Workers are required, among other things, to:

(a) be at least 19 years old;

(b) be qualified by the province by November 30th;

(c) produce identification for inspectors if asked at any time while working;

(d) provide the province with their updated home address, telephone numbers, emails or legal name change within ten days of a change; and

(e) pass security screening every two years to maintain their qualification.


In order to be qualified, B.C. residents who are eligible for a BC Services Card must use their card to log into the online qualification page.  Non-residents may obtain a Worker Qualification Form from the province via email.

Workers may begin working at a licensed cannabis retail store now, but must be qualified by November 30th.  From November 30th onwards, all current and future workers must have their qualification to be allowed to work in cannabis retail stores.

In addition to being qualified, workers will be required to pass a training program, the details of which will be released by the province in the near future.

Check back here for more details as they are released.

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