Matt Maurer speaks to Global News about how importing cannabis may be the key to easing a national shortage after legalization

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Importing cannabis could be the key to easing a national shortage after legalization, a Toronto marijuana lawyer says.

The federal Cannabis Act bans importing recreational marijuana. But nothing, in principle, would stop licenced producers from supplying the medical market with imported cannabis and devoting their entire domestic production to recreational users, Matt Maurer explains.

“There is a concern amid the government and other people that there is going to be a shortage come October, because if history is any indication in other jurisdictions, we’ve seen that when legalization hits, there’s a product shortage.”

Approval (now a complicated, one-off process for each shipment) would have to be simplified, he says.

In the long run, though, could Canadians see recreational marijuana from around the world, much as we now see with alcohol?

The issue of importing recreational pot is closed at the moment, as no other country (except for Uruguay) has legalized it.

But will that change?

This article was originally published in Global News. To read the full article, click here

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