Canadian Government Releases Proposed Cannabis Regulatory Regime

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On November 21, 2017, the Canadian Government released a proposal on what the cannabis regulatory regime might look like.

In its release, the Government reiterated its intention to bring the Cannabis Act into force by no later than July, 2018 and noted that in order to do so the regulations under the Cannabis Act will need to be published as soon as possible following Bill C-45 receiving Royal Assent.  The Government indicated that the regulations will not be pre-published.  Instead, the Government has launched a 60-day consultation period to solicit feedback on its proposed cannabis regulatory regime.

The proposed cannabis regulatory regime covers a number of areas that are important for business stakeholders, including:

  1. Licenses, permits and authorizations
  2. Security clearances
  3. The Cannabis Tracking System
  4. The types of cannabis products that will be available for sale
  5. Packaging and labeling
  6. Cannabis for medical purposes
  7. Health products and cosmetics with cannabis

We will be walking you through each of these areas in more detail in a series of posts over the coming days.

You can let the Government have your thoughts between now and January 20, 2018, by sending your submissions to

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