Canadian Government Affirms Commitment to Legalize Cannabis by June 21, 2017

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Jane Philpott, Minister of Health, recently confirmed that the the Canadian goverment is “committed” to introducing legislation to legalize cannabis by no later than June 21, 2017, if not sooner.

Speaking on March 1, 2017, during the Senate Question Period, Ms. Philpott confirmed that the government is committed to tabling legislation this spring, and explicitly noted that spring goes until June 21, which provides the government with a “little bit of a window” (from March 20 – June 21) to introduce the legislation.

While it is wildly acknowledged that it will take some time for the legislation to make its way into law and ultimately be implemented on a practical level, many have recently questioned whether or not the Liberal government would in fact table the legislation this spring as they previously promised.  Given the Minister’s comments to the Senate, it appears that they will make good on their promise.

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